Getting started

My Business Number is a cloud hosted PBX provider. We provide a complete cloud phone system in the cloud that allows you to create a highly professional sounding customer experience that can simply route inbound calls to your mobile, or to our VoIP app or VoIP phones. Because it is a cloud based system, you won't be tied to a physical location, meaning you can run your business anywhere. My Business number also adds in lots of additional business features, such as Auto attendant, voicemail, call groups plus much more. This helps you to present a professional image to your business and also helps you to run your business more efficiently.
Setting up the VoIP app is simple and takes only a couple of minutes. Firstly, visit the app store on the device that you wish to use the VoIP app on, and download ZoIPer SIP/IAX free edition. log in to the portal on another device (not the device you want to set up the VoIP app). On the portal select VoIP. If you already have a VoIP user then EDIT this, otherwise create a new VoIP user and then EDIT. Select SETUP / SHOW CREDENTIALS Select RESET PASSWORD + SHOW QR CODE This will display a QR code on the screen. Now run ZoIPer and on the login page select the QR code option. This brings up the camera, so simply point your camera at the QR code displayed on the portal. Thats it, all done. You can go ahead and start calling using the familiar looking ZoIPer dialler screen, which also integrates natively with your contacts. Outbound calls will display your virtual number as the outbound caller ID. If you have more than 1 number with us then you can change this number by editing the VoIP user.
We include the following services with every account. 1 x Standard virtual telephone number 1 x IVR Auto Attendant Menu 1 x Call forwarding group 1 x VoIP user 1 x Announcement 1 x Voicemail If you want to add additional services then these cost just £1 each per month.
Our cloud based telephone system is designed to allow for complete personalisation of announcements to the caller. This means that you can personalise all of your own announcements for things like IVR Menus, Intro announcements, Voicemail etc. To start creating or uploading personalised media ready to use on your system simply log in to the portal and go to the MEDIA section, where you can upload recordings from your mobile phone etc, or use our powerful text to speech system to generate recordings.
Incoming call routing is simple to update at any time, using our customer portal. To change the destination of any virtual phone number, simply log in to the portal and select NUMBERS. Find the phone number that you wish to change the call routing for. If you want to simply change a divert location, or add or remove VoIP users then click to edit the destination (red text). If you want to send incoming callers to a different service type, like a menu, announcement, voicemail or another call forwarding group, then EDIT the number and then change the call forwarding destination.
Yes, your first number is included with your £5 per month, additional numbers can be added at just £1 per month per user
Our service is pay as you go so you just need to ensure you account is in credit for monthly service renewals and call costs.
You top up via your online customer portal, from as little as £5 using our Auto top up service.
We accept all major credit and debit cards. Your card will need to be 3D secure, which means that when you process a payment your bank will ask you for more security information via the payment gateway.
Being a part of a global telecoms operator, we can afford to offer our products and services at astonishingly low prices, cutting out the middle-man, and selling directly to the public. Our self-service portal means that you manage your own account online, in real time, further helping us to keep prices very low.
You can pick a number from any of our 600+ UK area codes, get an 0208 London, 0121 Birmingham, 0292 Cardiff and so on - it's up to you, the whole of the UK is yours to choose from. If you don’t want to be associated with just one area, we also have a great range of non geographical numbers to choose from. Choose an 033 local rate or 0843 national rate - go ahead and have a look at our number selector below to find your perfect business phone number today.
Almost instantly! Our automated self service setup means that there is NO waiting to set up your account, it’s all done almost instantly, so you can test it all out immediately after verifying your account.
Our customer service team are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. During these times support issues can be raised via our online ticket system and we will usually respond within a few hours for normal day to day requests. Over the weekend and bank holidays then support issues will be responded to on the next working day.
No, our service is contract free. My Business Number virtual telephone services are prepaid, which allows you to use us with the confidence that you are not tied to a lengthy contract or will suddenly receive an unexpectedly large bill. If you no longer need the service then just cancel it, no questions asked and NO contracts or obligations.
Yes, our no commitment free trial, you can rest assured that you can try everything out free before you spend anything at all. When you sign up, we give you the first 30 days completely free to test out any of our services.
You can cancel your account anytime via your customer portal
Credit on your account will expire after a period of 12 months from the date of the purchase unless you add more credit in the mean time. To avoid losing this credit balance simply top up before the credit expires and the entire balance will roll over for another 12 months. We email a credit expiry reminder in advance of any credit expiring, giving you plenty of time to top up and keep your remaining balance. If you are using the Auto Topup facility then you can avoid credit expiring by manually setting the trigger limit below that of your current balance, which will force a credit topup. If your credit balance does expire then any unused allowances will expire as specified. Expired credit is non-refundable.
Yes, you can move (port) any existing telephone number to Number People. Most numbers cost £20 one off fee to port. There are a few considerations to take on board prior to porting your telephone number. The first being that if you are porting away from a fixed line provider (eg BT) when your number is ported away from them they will cease the line. This will also cease any services you have attached to the line, so you need to make sure that nothing else is dependant on the line (like broadband, alarms etc). If a port is rejected and we have to resubmit the porting request, these are charged at £15 per re-submission.
Yes, although there will be a fee to port away a telephone number. A number port costs a minimum of £40 with numbers deemed to be memorable incurring a charge of 36 x monthly subscription, such payment is to be made prior to the number being ported via bank transfer only
When you create a free account with us, our systems automatically send you a verification email. To complete the registration process you need to click on the verification link that is sent within this email, otherwise your virtual number will not work. If your account is not verified after 24 hours then our systems will automatically remove your account. If for any reason you have not received the verification email then please firstly do the following- 1 – check your SPAM folder for this email. 2 – if this is still not found then please raise a support ticket by clicking on SUPPORT on our website and selecting the option to MANUALLY VERIFY AN ACCOUNT.
Registration services – Stripe, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc Please note that not only do we NOT support the use of our numbers for registration services, we actively block them as we find them. If you need a telephone number to register for a service like Ebay or Amazon then please look elsewhere, the inbound calls from these services will fail with us. When we find new registration services we block the inbound calls from these across our network, so no one using our services will be able to receive calls from the registration service. This is done to keep our costs low for our genuine customers that just want a great VoIP or virtual number service at a very low cost, by removing customers that would otherwise waste time and numbers.
We give you 30 days free trial on all of our services. Even memorable numbers get the first 30 days free!
Yes, using the VoIP extension, you can make and receive calls anywhere that you have a good data connection. Answering calls via your VoIP extension is free, even if you are outside of the UK. If you don't want to rely on a stable data connection, you can also forward calls to any international phone number. For international call forwarding costs please see our pricing page and use the online rate checker.
You don't have to install or purchase any equipment if you use your new virtual telephone number as a simple call forward to landline or mobile. If you do want to use the VoIP users then you will need to install either Zoiper as a mobile or PC softphone, or use a SIP enabled VoIP device, but setting them is is really simple.
When you sign up to use our service you will have instant access to your online customer portal. This is where you control all aspects of your telephone number, set up and edit call forwarding, add media recordings so you can customise announcements, top up your account, plus much more!
Our service is prepay and we don't tie you into any long term commitments. Due to this your services will attempt to renew month to month, so you will need to ensure that you have enough credit on your account to cover the renewal when it is due. You can view all of your services and renewal dates on your service overview on the customer portal. We will also email you to let you know when services are about to renew.
Yes, auto top up is a great way to manage he credit balance on your account, removing the need to manually monitor your balance and top up when necessary. You can set auto top up to top up from as little as £5. If the Auto Topup fails to take the requested payment due to circumstances like insufficient funds, then it will only try one more time and then the Auto Topup service will switch off. If this happens then we will email you to tell you that the credit failed to apply due to a problem with the payment, and ask you to make a manual credit topup.


For £5 per month you will get; 1 x Geographic or non geographic UK virtual phone number 1 x VoIP user 1 x Call/hunt group (forward calls to up to 3 external numbers + unlimited VoIP users) 1 x IVR Auto Attendant Menu (customisable) 1 x Voicemail (customisable) 1 x Announcement (customisable) 1 x Standard Music on hold Time based routing - automatically open and close your system according to your opening hours 1 x Call whisper
An Auto Attendant is a welcome message which you can play to your callers. This is completely customisable and very easy to set up. Your auto attendant can also instruct callers to select options or departments for their call to be put through to.
A call whisper is a short message which is played to you prior to an incoming call connecting. This can be customised to play any message and really helps to identify things like options / department selected from the auto attendant, the telephone numbers dialled or your company name so you know how to deal with the call.
Extra features can be added to your phone system at anytime via your customer portal
Yes, you get 1 voicemail included in your sign up package, and you can add additional ones at just £1 each per month. Your voicemail is completely customisable and voicemails are emailed directly to you so you can listen to them anywhere.

Inbound / outbound calling

The amount of calls that you can answer is governed by the amount of available channels you have. Channels are virtual phone lines, which can make or receive 1 call at a time. We give you 5 channels free, and more channels can be added via the portal. 1 channel is opened for each destination number you add (each destination needs to be called), and 1 channel is needed for each inbound call. If you reach your channel limits then you will receive an email alert to let you know that you are missing calls and need to increase your channels.
If you already have a VoIP phone which you want to make use of then you should be able to reuse this on our network. As long as the device is SIP enabled then it should be compatible, you will just need to reprogram the phone to our settings.
Any SIP enabled device will be compatible to work on our network.
If you intend on using a softphone via a desktop/laptop or tablet then you will need to use a headset with a microphone and speaker.
Receiving calls to your virtual line is free of charge. You will only pay for receiving calls if you are forwarding the call to a landline or mobile. Forwarding to a UK landline costs 1p per min and UK mobile is 2p per minute. All forwarded calls carry a 5p connection fee
Calling a UK landline costs 1p per min and UK mobile is 2p per minute. If you want to call outside of the UK, you can use our rate checker on the pricing page to check our the call costs. All outbound calls carry a 5p connection fee
Yes, as long as you are calling from within the UK then calls to emergency services can be placed. Upon account creation you will need to let us know an address so we can use this to pass onto the 999 operator, however due to the nature of VoIP your location may be different (you may be using a mobile app and not at the specified address) so you will need to ensure you let the operator know your location at that time.
Yes, you can set the users outbound CLI on your customer portal
All extensions and users in a group will ring simultaneously when you get an incoming call. The first to answer will get the call. If you would prefer to stagger your call flow, you will need to create additional groups
Yes, using the VoIP extension, you can make and receive calls anywhere that you have a good data connection. Answering calls via your VoIP extension is free, even if you are outside of the UK. If you don't want to rely on a stable data connection, you can also forward calls to any international phone number. For international call forwarding costs please see our pricing page and use the online rate checker.